Turkish Scholalships 2021

The Turkish Scholarship Registration 2021

The Turkish Scholarship announced the opening of registration for the year 2020 for all academic levels "Bachelor, Master, Doctorate from 10-1-2021 until 20-02-2021".
Turkish scholarships are considered one of the most famous scholarship programs around the world, due to the multiple specializations they cover in different stages, whether bachelor’s, master’s or PHD, which are offered to more than 4000 students annually, which opens the way for the high level of admission.
The scholarship provides free accommodation for students, but students who do not prefer to stay in university dorms can do at their own expense.
In addition to the monthly payment and health insurance to government hospitals /or very low fees/. Following we review the most important requirements of the Turkish scholarship and how to apply:

Turkish Government Scholarship Benefits
Selected candidates for the Turkish Government Scholarship will have the following advantages:
1.    University and program placement;
2.    Monthly Stipend allowance;
3.    Tuition Fee;
4.    Once-off Return Flight Ticket;
5.    Health Insurance;
6.    Accommodation;
7.    One year Turkish Language Course.
 Students with scholarship get a monthly payment of the following value:
Bachelor's level: 800 TL per month
Master's level: 1100 TL per month
PHD level: 1600 TL per month
Research level: 3000 TL per month

Turkish Government Scholarship Eligibility
Applicants must meet the Turkish scholarship requirements shown below in order to apply for the program:
1.    Be a citizen of any country except Turkish citizens and those who have lost their Turkish citizenship
2.    Minimum Academic Criteria (minimum academic achievement for):
o    Bachelor’s degree applicants: 70%;
o    Master’s and Doctorate degree applicants: 75%;
o    Health Science (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy) applicants: 90%
3.    Age Criteria (be under the age of):
o    21 for Undergraduate programs;
o    30 for Master’s programs;
o    35 for Doctorate programs.

Conditions for applying to the Turkish scholarship program 2021 for the bachelor's degree
The applicant is under 21 years old.
He is not enrolled in a Turkish university.
His average in high school is not less than 70% for all specializations and 90% for medical group specializations.
To be a graduate or about to graduate from high school, thus he can submit a document from the school where the student is studying high school.
In this case the school can prove that it is enrolled in the third year of high school.
The documents required of students wishing to register to study for the bachelor's degree
A copy of the valid passport
Copy of grades / grades transcript
A copy of the high school certificate
A clear photo with white background

Conditions required for students wishing to apply for a master's degree
The age of the applicant is not more than 30 years
Bachelor's degree not less than 75%
The documents required for Master's students to apply to Turkish Scholarship Programs:
A copy of the undergraduate degree with a transcript
A copy of the high school certificate with a transcript
A statement explaining your reasons for choosing Turkey and choosing a scholarship to study for, this document is called a motivation letter, this letter should answer important questions, among them: The subject of the research you want your letter to be written on, how important for you is this topic?, how do you benefit from this topic?, write about professors and universities that have caught your attention to present this topic , show practical plans for graduate studies?
A copy of the valid passport
Photo with white background
recommendation Letter (A letter from one of your university professors. If you cannot, you can get it from your workplace or any entity you worked with in the field in which you would like to complete your studies )
Full Information that must be available in the letter of recommendation about the person who gives it title , job ,where he works ,phone number ,e-mail

Conditions that must be met by students wishing to apply for a Ph.D
The applicant is not more than 35 years old
The master's degree is not less than 75%
The required documents
Secondary school certificate with transcript
Bachelor's degree with transcript
Master's degree with transcript
Excerpts from the master's thesis
Two letters of recommendation
The previous noted specifications must be available in the letters of recommendation submitted by the student, and they must also be from his professors at the university or from the workplace in which he works or his superiors in any previous project

Attention !!
Thousands present the same documents every year, but what makes you unique?
Any certificate or documents you attach will greatly enhance your obtaining of the scholarship, meaning that any activity you participated in or any volunteer charity with which you submitted a work and gave you a certificate to send, and if you master a certain hobby whether it is in art or music and you have proof that this may be useful and will enhance Your chances of getting the scholarship.

You must know that you have to convince those who will examine your documents, that you are highly worthy of this scholarship and that you are a distinguished and active person in the community and not just an academic student, but rather a multi-talented student at the academic level and the service and technical level as well, therefore do not underestimate any certificate could push in this direction.

How to apply for Turkish scholarship
There are two ways to apply for Turkish scholarship: to submit directly through the scholarship administration website for free, follow the steps and attach the file with all documents that are previously properly scanned, OR apply through a

student service-consultant mediator

Instructions for the steps to apply for Turkish scholarships 2021

- An account is created for the applicant with an effective email by following the link below, an activation link will be sent, by clicking on it will activate and enter the application using the email and password.

The applicant’s form is to be filled starting from personal information to the last field, including uploading the required documents scanned and clear, preferably in the language in which it was submitted.

The letter of intent is carefully filled out, and the application is not sent until after all the requirements and documents are met. English language proficiency certificate must be available (English curriculum programs), knowing that all applicants must study Turkish language for a year.

Applying from January 10 to February 20/ 2021 at the following link:

Press here

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